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The Elephant and the Rider

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This is such a cool, powerful metaphor for how the mind works, which has applications to sales which we’ll discuss in the coming days. For now, let’s just cover the metaphor, though.

Giving credit where credit’s due: I stole this metaphor from business professors Chip and Dan Heath (and they stole it from psychologist Jonathan Haidt).

Think of your mind as having two parts: an elephant and a rider. The elephant is the emotional side of your brain. It’s the side of your brain that will go storming into a china store without much thought. It’s easily motivated to action, it’s the side of you that wants to go in with both guns blazing.

The rider, on the other hand, is your logical side. It sits atop the elephant, pulling the reins. When your elephant wants to charge in recklessly, it pulls back the reins, saying “Not so fast. Let’s consider this for a while.”

In motivating people (and making sales), you need to properly take advantage of both rider and elephant, and I’ll give you some ideas on how in the coming days!

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