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The Elephant Is BIG: Emotions Sell!

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If you haven’t already read yesterday’s blog entry on the powerful metaphor of the human brain as elephant and rider, read that first. It’s the springboard on which the next several days’ blog entries will bounce off of.

As was discussed yesterday, the elephant is the emotional side of you, the side that wants to go stampeding into a china store with no thought of consequences. It’s the logical side of you, the rider, that pull the elephant back.

Recognize, though, just how BIG the elephant is. The first implication that we can draw from this metaphor on the nature of sales is that you need to get the elephant excited! You need to get the elephant wanting to charge in and purchase your product or service!

Tapping into people’s emotions and feelings are so much more powerful than trying to appeal to logic (of course, you should appeal to both, and we’ll discuss that later, but for now, understand that emotional appeals are far more powerful than logical ones). The great author and salesman, Zig Ziglar, once called sales a “transference of feeling.”

Your goal is to get people to FEEL! If your security system provides safety for your clients’ families, you have amazing potential to tap into the fear of what happens without your security system. If you sell cars, you have enormous potential to get people to feel as though they’d be classy or stylish in a new sports car.

Emotions are powerful. Use them.

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