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Make It Easy on The Rider: Give One Option!

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If you haven’t already read Sunday’s blog entry on the powerful metaphor of the human brain as elephant and rider, read that first. It’s the springboard on which the next several days’ blog entries will bounce off of.

The rider is very clever, logical, and insightful. The problem is that the rider has trouble making decisions. The rider likes over-thinking things. The rider likes analyzing and analyzing.

The elephant is easily moved the action, but the rider pulls it back, saying “Not so fast. We better think about this more.” Of course, the more you think it through, the less you are likely to act. You just keep thinking, and thinking, and thinking. The rider is pulling the elephant around in circles!

Sometimes people call this phenomenon the rhyming term: paralysis of analysis. The more information you’re given, the less likely you are to act.

Make it easy on people’s riders. Give them one option.

Shape a clear path for the rider, and the rider will take the elephant riding right along.

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