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If you haven’t already read Sunday’s blog entry on the powerful metaphor of the human brain as elephant and rider, read that first. It’s the springboard on which the following several days’ blog entries will bounce off of. Also, check out yesterday’s blog post where I discuss how people buy on emotions and rationalize with logic.

Over the past few days, you’ve probably very thoroughly understood the need to get people to FEEL something. The elephant is so much bigger than the rider, and the elephant is the only way to get an immediate large pull in a new direction. Make them feel FEAR that if they don’t act now, they will lose money in the long-term. Or, make them feel BELONGING, about how they will be just like all their friends if they buy this type of car. Or, make them feel RESPONSIBLE as a parent by purchasing something for their child’s education.

Whatever it is that you sell, make sure to make your prospects FEEL.

Of course, once they FEEL that they need your product, that’s when you supply the rationalization for it. Expert salespeople are great at making people FEEL for a product, but they also need to give them a logical reason why they should buy.

They need to shape the path for the rider, so that the elephant will ride right along.

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