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The Elephant Responds Better to Negative Emotions

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If you haven’t already read Sunday’s blog entry on the powerful metaphor of the human brain as elephant and rider, read that first. It’s the springboard on which the following several days’ blog entries will bounce off of.

We’ve previously discussed just how powerful it is to appeal to people’s emotions. The elephant is so much bigger than the rider, and if you want to get an immediate and powerful reaction, the elephant is the way to go. Of course, you also need to point the rider in the right direction, to get the elephant moving, which is the logic you supply.

Recognize, though, that the elephant is much more motivated by negative emotions than positive ones. Sure, the elephant feels happy when it eats apples from a tree. But it avoids pain far more than it seeks pleasure. For instance, if there were burning embers in front of the apple, do you think the elephant would seek it out? No! The negatives of seeking out that particular positive don’t make it worthwhile.

Similarly, recognize that people’s internal “elephant” responds far better to negative emotions than it does positive. Sadden, frighten, or upset them by how much less efficient their lives are without your product or service!

Once you’ve done that, then supply the positive emotions that come with your product or service.

Get their attention with the negative, get them excited with the positive.

Then you’re well on your way to making more sales than you can handle.

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